Employee Check-ups

Salt Lake Investigations wants to be your Human Resources arm. Employee check-ups can provide several benefits to meet your needs. Do you have an employee that has filed a fraudulent Workers Compensation claim? Each Workers Compensation claim will hike up your premiums. Allow our Utah private investigators to provide video surveillance of your employee. Many times, employees have been caught working, hunting, or even playing sports while on a worker’s compensation claim.

Salt Lake Investigations can also check up on an outside employee. Do you want to know if an employee is truly working the hours that they say they are working? Do you want to know if an employee is truly working or just playing around? Salt Lake Investigations will send a Utah private investigator to follow your employee and catch them in the act on video!

Salt Lake Investigations promises high quality, dedication, and attention to detail on each case. Please call 801-598-0141 with any questions about rates.

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